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Directed by



Matthew Grevenstuk

Callie Bussell

Nigel Robbins

Swallow Your Soul Media

"Shadow", A psychological short horror film

Shadow Movie Trailer

Shadow Movie Trailer

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Abbey struggles with nightmarish sleep paralysis shortly after her relationship ends. 

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Director's Statement

Sleep paralysis is a universal occurrence found across cultures, throughout history and in various regions. There are several names describing the experience and it has been referenced in old folklore, Dutch and Native American history. I’ve observed sleep paralysis myself many times, but only once where I saw a 'shadow' silhouette of something in the room with me. This was such a frightening experience, it’s one I revisit from time to time to share how shocking of an experience it was. This encounter inspired the idea for the short story "Shadow."


Through researching fictional movies and short films related to sleep paralysis and night terrors, I discovered there was limited content, with most productions exploring themes of exorcism, actual demons or possessions. My aim was to take a different approach, presenting the phenomenon in a unique way. "Shadow" captures the emotions of anxiety and helplessness experienced during sleep paralysis using a dark tone and conveying themes of loss of control and fear. 

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